NORDIC’s machine protection door has made it possible to both reduce cell size and increase operation speed.

TM-Design in Torsås, Sweden

TM-Design & Installation in Torsås, Sweden, represents one of NORDIC’s most long-standing customers when it comes to machine protection doors. TM-Design produces, among other things, compact production cells for welding and hydroforming.

– The NORDIC roll doors have made it much easier for us to build compact and reliable cells and as the doors are fully installed and integrated from factory. Start up on site is safer and quicker, says Niclas Wernered, Electronics/Automation.

Already 2004 the first NORDIC door was ordered. The plan was to replace the huge vertical hatches that had been used earlier. The fast NORDIC roll doors made it possible to reduce the size of the cell and increase speed of operation.

Having tested the door and liking the quality the question was raised if a door, with more narrow frames and designed so that two doors could be put close together, could be developed. This was the start of the NORDIC machine protection door.

– The doors are very reliable, and as NORDIC has developed the safety TM-Design has been able to improve labour safety around their cells even further, means Niclas.

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